Travis Vining

Orlando, FL (407) 415-3661  [email protected]


Travis Vining is a father, entrepreneur, author, and inspirational speaker. He has more than 15 years of involvement in counseling, educating, and speaking on issues of childhood trauma, compulsive behaviors, addiction, depression, and forgiveness.


Travis’ talks and programs focus on helping others find The Miracle in The Madness by offering real-life experiences with practical application of the process of letting go.


The Miracle in The Madness

Grateful to be the son of a murderer.

Transforming Darkness to Light for Giving

Spiritual Lessons from My Life with A Serial Killer

Programs & Workshops

  • Un-Leash God’s Love
    LAF with God creatively uses the pure wholesome behavior of puppies to help teach children what love is, what it is not, and how to tell the difference.
  • The Miracle in The Madness – Introduction to Healing from Destructive Relationships
    (Online course offered through Love Fraud)
  • Self-Forgiveness: Understanding and letting go of guilt
    (Online course offered through Love Fraud)