It is through acceptance and the process of letting go thatthe impossible

Published Works

Travis has written two books about how he found healing through the process of letting go. The Miracle in The Madness is his latest work.

Speaking of Miracles...

Travis is available to speak to your group, recovery center, church or organization.

Programs & Workshops

Intense retreats with Toni Furbringer PhD, LCSW offer an in-depth teaching & experience designed to help identify and heal past hurts and trauma.

About Us

The Miracle in The Madness is a Forgiveness project created by Travis Vining and a small group of passionate individuals in Central Florida dedicated to helping people that continue to suffer from various addictions, compulsive behaviors, depression, destructive relationships, and trauma. We offer inspirational talks, spiritual programs, and educational opportunities that are designed to help point the way towards healing on the road to freedom through The Process of Letting Go.

The Miracle in the Madness
The Miracle in the Madness

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Orlando, FL    (407) 415-3661   [email protected]

If interested in having Travis speak to your group or organization, please call or email.  Thank you!

What People Have Said About Travis' Talks & Presentations

``WOW! And that was what I heard from others too. When you were done, I heard “Wow” from everyone in attendance. You did not disappoint and exceeded my expectations. I found for me that someone telling me that forgiveness was wonderful didn’t help as much as getting the tools to do it in practice. Can you imagine if just a few people put this in practice? Thank you so much. YOU make a difference!``Carol Wolfe – Windermere United Church of Christ
``Travis has journeyed through the healing power of forgiveness in ways that are striking and memorable, but he makes his story, though quite unique, applicable to every participant. His presentation is easy to follow, but also has depth and sound psychological connections. We were all lifted to a new level of conviction that forgiveness really works!``Dr. David E. Stephens - St. Luke’s Methodist Church