August 30, 2016


Absolutely Amazing!  Travis is a remarkable speaker, with a remarkable story to tell. He’s lived a life most of us only see on a TV drama.  He shares his life story and recovery with great candor and insight, while giving his audience the hope, tools, and inspiration to face life’s most difficult challenges and tragedies.  His programs are NOT to be missed!

Mary MarcuccioDarryl Strawberry Recovery Center

WOW! And that was what I heard from others too. When you were done, I heard “Wow” from everyone in attendance. You did not disappoint and exceeded my expectations.  I found for me that someone telling me that forgiveness was wonderful didn’t help as much as getting the tools to do it in practice.  Can you imagine if just a few people put this in practice? Thank you so much.  YOU make a difference!

Carol Wolfe – Forgiveness Minister – Windermere Union Church Uinted Church of Christ

Travis has journeyed through the healing power of forgiveness in ways that are striking and memorable, but he makes his story, though quite unique, applicable to every participant.   His presentation is easy to follow, but also has depth and sound psychological connections.  We were all lifted to a new level of conviction that forgiveness really works!

Dr. David E. Stephens – Minister of Congregational Care – St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

Comments from The Students of Bishop Moore Catholic High School

From the burden of guilt and resentment, Mr. Vining forgave his father, and the family of the woman who was killed forgave Mr. Vining in return.

There is no life without love, and there is no love without forgiveness.

 He really touched me; He helped me forgive someone.

Mr. Vining showed us that you can totally change your life around just by letting God in.

The talk touched me because it really showed to me that forgiving someone that did not do a very good thing can be done.  And, he still loves his father.

He is a great speaker with an amazing story.

He impacted me by showing if something like that happens to me, I can be strong and not give in.

He really taught us a good lesson on forgiveness.

Mr. Vining’s speech was …incredibly moving. … It opened my eyes to how difficult forgiveness can be but how important it is.

I love how he taught that even after all those years, if you don’t forgive someone then it will still be somewhere in your mind and affect you.

It tells us how you can be forgiven and that there is hope.

I feel as if what he told us truly touched my heart and showed me what forgiveness truly is.

I would invite Mr. Vining back because he has opened doors and hearts to people who are going through that situation on a daily basis. He helps people see the side of forgiveness that helps us get through life.