Speaking of Miracles…

A Message of Hope, Inspiration & Miracles. Travis’ talks and classes focus on helping others find The Miracle in The Madness, by offering real life experiences with practical application of the Process of Letting Go, which confirms that Forgiveness is the great healer of strife, conflict, and upset.

Every so-called difficulty, tragedy, or apparent setback in our lives can be used as a springboard to freedom from suffering. Through the process of letting go, what appeared to be a negative becomes a positive and leads to the discovery of God’s Love. Every difficulty contains a treasure and is a doorway to peace.

For me, I found a miracle in the madness of the most unlikely of trials. My Dad murdered 4 people in 3 different incidents over a 17-month period in the late 80’s and told me some of the details of the crimes, including describing exactly how he killed two of the victims. He then used me to help him destroy evidence to keep me from going to police when he sensed that I might ‘betray’ him and turn him in.

For years I kept this experience a secret, and did not speak of it. Some say time heals all wounds, but this is an illusion at best, and simply not true. In reality, time does not create distance from our past, it only distorts and intensifies the pain from it. The unresolved issues and grievances from our past become infected wounds hidden within us that warp our perception, cause immense suffering, and block us from experiencing peace and love.

These experiences often cause unnecessary and immeasurable pain and suffering, both emotional, and physical. For me it resulted in paralyzing migraine headaches, chronic back pain, sleep apnea, irritable bowel syndrome, recurring nightmares, depression, and an addiction to pain medication.

All of these ailments were the result of unresolved past grievances from childhood events that included being raised by a sociopathic father that spent 24 years on Florida’s death row for murdering four people. Today, miraculously, through forgiveness, the impossible became possible, and all of these ailments have been healed.

My talks are not intended to convince those who are suffering that this is true, but to offer a powerful example of experiential truth that is extremely difficult to deny, hopefully inspiring others to give forgiveness a chance. The willingness to take a few simple steps will open the door to your own personal experience and then you will know. The experience itself is deeply personal.

Surprisingly, our personal journey to finding true happiness can be accelerated when we become willing to laugh at ourselves along the way. Humor is a Divine gift that helps us forgive ourselves and others, change our perspective, and begin to see life’s perceived tragedies in an entirely different light. Laughing at your story while learning to “let go” can create an entirely new outlook on life.

Humor is most helpful, because as the saying goes, ‘it is easier said than done’. It may be simple, but it is not always easy. The rewards, however, are well worth the challenges that may come up along the way. The result of making forgiveness our primary goal in this life will bring with it new found joy, happiness, peace, love, freedom, and yes…laughter.

This is the miracle found hidden, waiting in the madness, and forgiveness is literally the invitation that triggers this supernatural response. Miracles are not random events.

Miracles are:
Not Random
Expressions of God’s Love
Extraordinary acts of healing
God doing for us what we could not do for ourselves
Awaiting our acceptance through the act of forgiveness

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