August 30, 2016

About Us

The Miracle in The Madness is a Forgiveness project created by Travis Vining and a small group of passionate individuals in Central Florida dedicated to helping people that continue to suffer from various addictions, compulsive behaviors, depression, destructive relationships, and trauma.

Travis is an author and inspirational speaker who has overcome many physical and emotional illnesses that included paralyzing migraine headaches, crippling back pain, addiction, and depression. These ailments were the result of unresolved past grievances and trauma from childhood events that included being raised by a sociopathic father that spent 24 years on Florida’s death row for murdering four people.

In a search for the Truth, this nightmare became an inspirational journey of Forgiveness, Faith, Hope and Miracles. His talks and classes focus on helping others find The Miracle in The Madness, by offering real life experiences with practical application of the Process of Letting Go, which confirms that Forgiveness is the great healer of strife, conflict, and upset.

We offer inspirational talks, spiritual programs, and educational opportunities that are designed to help point the way towards a new beginning on the road to freedom and healed relationships, through The Process of Letting Go.