September 8, 2016


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Meet Travis Vining

Travis Vining is an author and inspirational speaker who has overcome many physical and emotional illnesses that included paralyzing migraine headaches, crippling back pain, addiction, and depression. These ailments were the result of unresolved past grievances and trauma from childhood events that included being raised by a sociopathic father that spent 24 years on Florida’s death row for murdering four people.

Published Works

Travis has written two books about his experiences growing up, and how he found healing through forgiveness. The Miracle in The Madness is his latest book.

The Miracle in the Madness

Through Forgiveness the Impossible becomes Possible . . .

(anticipated release late 2017)

An Interview with Travis Vining

Stones stacked up

“Grace is the result of forgiveness. I found my freedom, not in spite of my difficulties, but because of them.”

(2 Corinthians 12:9-10)

"Love never fails is true.

But without forgiveness, there can be no love."

Want Travis to speak to your group?

Travis is available to speak to your church, youth group, recovery program or organization.

What People Have Said About Travis' Talks & Presentations

WOW! And that was what I heard from others too. When you were done, I heard “Wow” from everyone in attendance. You did not disappoint and exceeded my expectations.Carol Wolfe, Windermere Union United Church of Christ
Travis has journeyed through the healing power of forgiveness in ways that are striking and memorable, but he makes his story, though quite unique, applicable to every participant. Dr. David E. Stephens, St. Luke United Methodist Church
Absolutely Amazing! Travis is a remarkable speaker, with a remarkable story to tell. He’s lived a life most of us only see on a TV drama. Mary Marcuccio, Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center